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About Us

The Joplin Association for the Blind founded in 1923 and incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in 1925, and is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors. The Joplin Association for the Blind is a United Way partner agency.  Early on, JAB maintained a small office on Joplin Street where assistance was provided to individuals in cooperation with area church groups. Early services were social activities and public awareness. In 1960, JAB moved to 17th and Pearl with support from local Lions Club as well as area church groups. In April of 1995 the Board of Directors approved a program to provide services to clients who are low vision, and to operate a Low Vision Center. By 1996 it became evident The Joplin Association for the Blind needed a larger facility to accommodate its programs and the growing low vision operation. A new building was constructed at 311 South Schifferdecker Ave., Joplin, Missouri.  In Spring 2005 the Joplin Association for the Blind expanded our facility to accommodate the growth of our Low Vision Enhancement Center. Currently, JAB operates seven programs. Listed below are brief overviews of our adult and children services.

Adults: There are over 7100 adults with vision loss in a 80 mile radius in the regional area covered by our programs according to recent records. Until recently our programs had dealt primarily with the needs of senior citizens. With the expanded role of the Low Vision Enhancement Center, JAB has been able to reach more adults and children with visual impairment. At the Low Vision Enhancement Center we attempt to maximize a client’s remaining vision through the use of a wide variety of customized low vision devices, strategies or the use of current technology. We provide educational information and connection with other resources for the client and their families.