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Low Vision Center

The Joplin Association for the Blind provides comprehensive Low Vision services, evaluations, support and family resources to children, youth, and adults in the Four State Region

What is Low Vision? A person with low vision has some useful vision, but has difficulty with normal daily living task such as reading, writing, and managing work or household activities. Low vision cannot be corrected through a normal eye examination. This type of vision can occur due to birth defects, eye diseases, accidents, or aging. Low Vision can occur in people of all ages. At the Low Vision Enhancement Center we look at the individuals abilities and work toward maximizing these abilities.

What is a Low Vision Examination? A low vision examination includes a detailed clinical analysis of the patient visual abilities. This examination involves measuring the visual impairment and evaluating the ocular disease to prescribe rehabilitative devices to improve visual performance. We focus on the client’s abilities to meet educational, emotional, and social aspects of daily living goals, that are of interest to the individual. The evaluation brings about positive behaviors and maximizes usage of optical and non-optical devices to enhance the quality of life for the patient.